Iguana Gin

The recipe for the instant mood-changer

Our all-natural, color-changing gin is infused with 8 different, carefully selected, organic botanicals. The core is made from coriander and pine while nutmeg, bitter orange peel, rose petals and ginger give it a distinctive, deep herbal flavor. Everything is crafted and perfected by hand.

To add a touch of pink to your mood, this lovely herby gin is colored and flavored by Butterfly Pea. When mixed with tonic water, lemon, or lime juice it undergoes a natural color change from indigo blue to radiant pink. So, when feeling blue, add a touch of pink to your serves and enjoy our Iguana gin in the right mood.




Juniper berry




Orange peel

Pea butterfly


The Iguana Effect

Ever wondered what magic tastes like? Add a touch of your favorite tonic to your Iguana gin and experince the moment of color – changing magic. Our Iguana gin is best served with large chunks of ice, premium tonic and your favorite garnish. So, when feeling blue add a touch of pink to your mood.

As more craft gins appeared on the market our goal was to make something new and different.

Iguana gin, with it’s unique color changing effect, was the perfect match for the market waiting for breathtaking inovations. Ingredients we use are chosen with extreme caution, all of domestic origin, without the use of any extracts, artificial colors or sweeteners. The base of every good gin, as well as Iguana’s, is the common juniper combined with coriander which gives a characteristic woody note to your drink. In our production, we also use bitter orange peel, rose petals, ginger (which gives gin a type of aromatic note), nutmeg and clove. Of course that we won’t reveal everything, we have to keep some things a secret. The main and most important ingredient used in the production of Iguana gin is Flower Pea butterfly. In process of maceration of gin and blue pea flowers, enzymes that are responsible for the beautiful indigo blue color of gin remain giving the drink that unique power to transformate it’s color. The key lies in this ingridient’s Ph sensitivity. It reacts with substances with a pH below 7 or in other words if it comes in contact with acidic substances contained in tonic water it changes the original indigo blue color to an even more attractive one – magenta pink. This color change gives our gin that WOW effect we all adore. If the magic doesn’t happen after pouring in your tonic water, add a slice of lemon or lime and the WOW effect is guaranteed.

The main features of Iguana gin are originality and 100% hand made product. From production, to bottling, labeling and packaging, each bottle has its own story as well as a goal to brighten up your day.

Short history of our distillery

 Iguana gin saw the light of day in a small craft distillery called “Supreme distillery” in 2018 in Samobor as Chameleon gin, along with Strenght navy gin and Supreme vodka.  Due to the expansion of business and better working conditions we moved to a new location and changed the name to Iguana gin. Based on our customeres preferences we also changed the percentage of alcohol in Iguana gin from 44% to 40%. Our journey continues with the vision we set out on, which is to always be unique and for everyone who has tried our gin to come back with a new positive experience.


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